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Upload Filter


The next section is used to configure client side filtering.

Allowed Types

Enter a comma separated list of file extensions in the allow_types field. The applet will refuse to go ahead with the upload if any of the selected files do not match the list of extensions. Please use only lower case extensions. The applet will test for both cases as well as mixed case. The default behaviour of the applet when it encounters an unwanted file can be changed by editing the filter_action property.



Filter Action

The filter_action property tells the applet what action to take if it encounters a file type that is not listed in the allow_types parameter. If you enter a value of 'reject' here the applet will refuse to go ahead with the file upload. Enter any other value and the applet will silently ignore the offending files. This setting takes effect only if the allow_types property is set



The reject_message will be shown when the user attempts to upload files that should not be allowed and the filter_action is set to reject. If you enter a text message here it will be displayed as a popup. A URl, will result in the a page being loaded inside the applet.



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