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Configuration Guide

You can control the behaviour and the appearence of the products by using the 'thinupload.properties' file, which is the configuration file for the Thin File Upload family. The settings can be dynamically generated if needed.

Getting Started
With Thin FTP Upload you don't have to change any settings to get started. With the other uploaders, you need to change just one setting to get start uploading
Changing the applet's appearence and the messages it displays.
Image Resize
Using Thin Image Upload and the enterprise edition to resize images at the client side.
Filter Config
Explains how to use client side filtering to block unwanted file types.
Multiple File Selector
Displaying a browse button (similar to the one in an HTML form) to bring up a multiple file selector
Path information
Preserving the full path information for uploaded files.
Resumable Upload.
Configuring for resumable HTTP upload.
Size Limit.
All our applets can transfer huge files but what if you only want to deal with small ones?.
Progress Monitor.
Keeping track of upload progress?.

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