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All our uploaders support directory upload. That is you can drop a directory on the applet and all it's content including subdirectories will be recursively uploaded. Instead of drag and drop, you can also make use of the multiple file selector to choose a directy or directories.

As the website owner you might find yourself wanting to create a directory structure on the server similar to the directory structure on the user's computer. If you have downloaded Thin Slice Upload or the File Putter you will find that the directory tree is automatically preserved. The same can be said about the Enterprise Edition when used in 'resumable' mode

Thin Upload and Thin Image Upload (in HTTP Mode)

First step is to make sure that you have configured the applet to send full path information to the server. Amongst the items of data recieved at the server will be a parameter named userfile_parent. It contains the full pathname of the top level directory for the files that have been transferred. When you strip out this item of data from each of the filenames, what's left is a relative path.

This relative path can be recreated on your server with a call to the create new directory function (usually mkdir) of your server side programming/scripting language. The end result is that you have a directory structure on your server, that matches the directory structure that existed on the client computer.

Thin File Putter, Thin Slice Upload and Thin Upload Enterprise

The default behaviour of the resumable uploaders is to recreate the directory structure on the server. However this behaviour can be changed by editing the server side handlers (included in the download). The find_files function in the handler contains the code that you need to edit.

Thin FTP Upload and Thin Image Upload (in FTP Mode)

Because FTP does not allow script execution, the applet automatically takes care of directory creation for you.

As a footnote, it's worth mention that all the files will be saved exactly where the website owner wants them to be saved.


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