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When copying files from one folder to another, most users simply drag them from the first folder and drop them into the second. Others prefer to copy or cut and paste. With Thin File Upload family of products uploading files to a web or FTP server is just as easy.

Traditional HTML form based file uploaders insist that you select each file individually making it extremely difficult to upload several files at once. To make it worse browsers simply will not upload folders.

With Thin Upload it is possible to drag and drop any number of files and folders onto the 'drop area' for immidiate upload to the server. When used in HTTP mode, The applet will preserve the full path name for each file that is uploaded so that the information is available to the server side handler. The handler can then quite easily create a directory tree on the server similar to what existed on the client computer.

Just in case some of your users would prefer to use an old fashioned browse button, Thin File Upload has one too. But the difference is that you can use it to select multiple files and folders at once.


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