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Dynamic Configuration


One question that is often asked is how do I generated diffrent settings for different users, or how do I change configuration settings based on external factors? The answer is by dynamic generation of the configuration file with your favorite server side programming technology.

The first step is to rename the the configuration file from it's original name thinupload.properties properties to something else. If your server is PHP enabled you might want to use thinupload.php or Perl fans might choose properties.cgi and Java programmers might choose config.jsp. The name doesn't really matter as long as you use an extension is something that the webserver associates with dynamic content.

Now you can use for favorite scripting or programming language to generate the configuration file with different settings being generated for different users. It is also advised that you set the content type for the generated file to be 'text/plain'.

The last step is to tell the applet the new location for the config file and to that you make use of the props_file parameter as follows.

<param name="props_file" value="http://yourserver.com/propsfilename.ext">

Type the location into your browser just to make sure the generated file is what you expect it to be. If you run into any difficulties check the web server access log file to make sure that the file is being correctly retrieved.

If you need to; you can pass in additional data to the script that generates the config file by appending the data to the query string. Eg http://yourserver.com/propsfilename.ext?param1=value1&param2=value2


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