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Frequently Asked Questions

Each product has it's own FAQ. Click the product link and then the FAQ link to access.

What is Thin File Upload?
It's a family of file uploaders ranging from the entry level product is Thin Upload to Thin Upload Enterprise Edition.
I am having some trouble with my upload script can you help?
If you are having trouble using the sample scripts included the download or found elsewhere on our website (in it's unmodified form) we will be happy to answer. However providing support for server side scripting issues does not fall with in our scope of support.
What is the security warning that pops up when the applet starts?
An applet needs to be trusted if it is to access files on the local hard disk. The certificate dialog that appears when the applet starts is a request for the user to trust the applet. Thin File Upload will not make any modifications to the files to be uploaded so it's perfectly safe to trust the applet and grant the required permissions.
The applet is not reading my thinupload.properties file why?

The applet retrieves the properties file with an HTTP request. That obviously means if you attempt to load the applet from a local file system path instead of first placing the files on the server the properties file will not be read.

If you have correctly placed all the files on the server and still find that the configuration is not been retrieved, please examine the webserver log file and the MIME type configurations. Chances are a MIME type mismatch on your webserver prevents the file from being delivered correctly.

You can tell the applet to look for the thinupload.properties file at an alternative location with the aid of the props_file HTML parameter. More information here ...

Can I change the appearance of the uploader?

The welcome message displayed when the applet starts up is a web page. You can easily edit the message property to point to your own web page and thus completely change the appearance.

When the upload is completed the applet will switch to displaying the response returned by the server. That too is in HTML and you can easily customize it.

More information on this topic is available in the documentation.

What restrictions are there on the evaluation versions?
The evaluation versions do not expire and you can use them even on a commercial websit, however they do have two limitations. The evaluation version will only accepts files with a total size less than 100MB and the external_redir parameter has been locked.
Will you let me know when new versions are released?
When ever we release a new product or a new version of an existing product we will make an announcement on our blog. If you subscribe to our RSS feed you will be able to keep abreast of new releases.
Do you have an affiliates program?
We will be launching our affiliate program shortly.

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