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Client Side Filters


Thin Upload family members have the ability to filter out file uploads that will exceed a certain size. With traditional HTML form based uploads, files that are too big are usually rejected only after all the data has been transferred to the server. With our uploaders the file sizes are summed up before the upload begin. If it exceeds the limit that you specify the entire upload will be rejected. The user can then modify his selection to fit in with in the accepted limit.

In addition to filtering out based on the sum of file sizes, it is also possible to reject very large files individualy. In other words it is possible to impose a limit on the sum of file sizes as well as on the size of each individual file.

Thin Image Upload and Thin Upload Enterprise Edition, have an additional feature; the ability to filter out unwanted file types at the source. This saves bandwidth. All you need to do is enter a list of unwanted file extensions and these files will be rejected with out a single byte being transfered.

Last but not least, the message that is displayed when the upload is rejected can be fully customized.


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