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Max File Size


One of the major benefits of using the Thin File Family of products is the ability to impose client side limits on the file size. It possible to enforce these limits on the sum of the size of all the files chosen for upload. It is also possible to impose a limit on the size of each file.

Max upload

If you want to impose a limit on the total size of the file upload enter a value in kilobytes for the max_upload parameter. A value of 0, the default means unlimited. Please make sure that the server side configuration does not impose a lower limit than what you choose for max_upload


will impose a limit of 10 Mega Bytes

Max File

The max_upload property checks the sum of file sizes. You can impose a limit on the size of individual files using the max_file property. The value is in kilobytes. 0 means no limit.


for a limit of 2 Mega Bytes

The message that is displayed when the max_upload property is exceeded is defined by the max_upload_message property. If you enter a text message here it will be displayed as a popup. If you enter a url here the page you specify will be loaded in the applet.



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