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Customized Messages


The applet's appearence can be completely changed by just changing the message property. It defines the welcome message displayed when the applet starts up. You can point this to a page on your own website.

When an upload completes, the applet changes it's display, it will now show the response returned by the server. In the case of an HTTP upload, it will be the HTML produced by your server side handler script. With an FTP upload the applet will display the contents of the destination directory.

Welcome Message

To change the welcome message displayed when the applet starts up, change the message property. It should be a valid url and should point to a web page.



Files Unacceptable Message (Filtering)

The reject_message will be shown when the user attempts to upload files that should not be allowed and the filter_action is set to reject. If you enter a text message here it will be displayed as a popup. A URl, will result in the a page being loaded inside the applet.



Upload Size Exceeded

The message that is displayed when the max_upload property is exceeded is defined by the max_upload_message property. If you enter a text message here it will be displayed as a popup. If you enter a url here the page you specify will be loaded in the applet.



Permission Denied

Only trusted applets are allowed to access files on the local computer. That is why Thin Upload is a signed applet. When the browser encounters a signed applet it will display a dialog box and ask the user if the applet should be trusted.

If the certificate is not accepted by the user, the applet does not have the required permission to access files on the client computer. As a result it will not be possible to carry out the file upload. The user will be notified, by displaying the message specified for the permission_denied property. Enter a url or a simple text to customize this error message. If left blank, a standard message will be displayed. If you choose a url it should be on the same website as the page that contains the applet.


permission_denied=Permission Denied.

Instead of displaying the server response on completion, you can make the applet display the contents of an entirely different webpage by editing the external_redir property.


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