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File uploads are most commonly carried out as HTTP POST. When your browser retrieved this page the it sent a 'GET' request to the webserver. When the page was retrieved, it sent separate GETs for each of the style sheets and images. If you fill up our contact form (any any form for that matter), the browser will usually 'POST' the data to the webserver.

All popular web based scripting/programming languages can process an HTTP POST. These languages are equipped to handle files uploads as well because they are just POSTed data. The specifications say that all the files and other form data should be collected and combined together to make a single MIME message. The content type of the MIME message should be multipart/form-data.

When the POSTed message is received by the server, it is decoded and the the files are extracted. These files are placed in a temporary location and an array contained information about each file that is passed to the upload handler. An upload handler is a script a servlet or a DLL that can move the files to a more permanent location. The downloads for all members of the Thin File Upload family (Except Thin FTP Upload) includes sample HTTP Upload handlers to help you get started.

POST and GET are not abbreviations but they are usually written in call caps

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