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Switch between resumable and non resumable file uploads by changing the resumable property. When set to yes, an upload can be resumed if it get's interrupted for whatever reason. If set to no an interrupted upload cannot be resumed.


This property is available only in the Enterprise Edition. Both Thin File Putter and Thin Slice Upload are resumable by default.

With Thin Slice Upload it's possible to upload very large files by sending them in the form of multiple HTTP requests instead of a single request. The chunk_size property defines the size of the data block that will be transfferd with each POST.

You should experiment with different sizes to determine the optimial value for your setup. You should consider factors such as the sizes of the files that are being uploaded, the reliability of the network connection between the client and the server and the web server configurations.

Chunk Size

Defines the size (in Kilo Bytes) of each block of data. The value should be less than the configured limit of your server for incoming post data. chunk_size has a default value of 1 Mega byte which results in each file being uploaded in 1MB blocks.



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