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Two factors dictate the maximum total size of a file upload. These are the limitations imposed by the client and server. In general, higher client side capabilities are negatated by lower limits at the server and vice verce.

Client side restrictions can be imposed by the browser/uploader, proxies and firewalls, while server side restrictions may be implemented by the webserver configuration, scripting engine configuration and in some instances by firewalls or so called web accelerators.

One system that can circumvent most of these restrictions is the Thin Slice Uploader. It does so by explodeting the files into smaller chunks. Since you can control the size of each slice you can tune it so that it fits with in the limits imposed by firewalls or server side configurations.

Another option is to make use of the PUT method, which is less resource intensive and POSTing multipart/form-data and therefor well suited for handling large files


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