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As the name suggests Thin Image Upload is specially designed for image upload. It's ideal for image galleries, studios and other websites where users upload images for processing.

Often uploaded images need to be resized. Traditionally the resize transformation is done at the server, which results is in increased memory and processor usage, which in turn reduces the capacity of the server to handle a large number of requests.

Since Thin Image Upload scales images at the client end. The process does not consume any resources on the server. The resized images are generally much smaller than the originals. Smaller files can be uploaded much faster and consume less bandwidth.

By putting your server resources to better usage you will be able to serve many more customers than you do at the moment using the available infrastructure. Another bandwidth saving feature is the ability to filter out files that are not images.

Taking one image as input, the applet can produce several files of different sizes as output. If your web application calls for a thumbnail, a medium sized image and to preserve the orignal photo with out change, you would normally do this using a server side scripting language. But with our product, the task can be accomplished using the processing power of the end user's computer.

In addition to the features mentioned above the applet also has the standard features of Thin Upload, including the progress monitor and drag and drop.

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