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Frequently Asked Questions

Short Cuts

What is Thin File Putter?
It is a file uploader that makes use of the PUT method of HTTP to upload files to your server.
What is the HTTP PUT Method?
See the detailed answer here.
Can an upload be resumed?
If an upload is interrupted for whatever reason, it can be resumed simply by dropping the same file on the applet.
I am on a shared server can I still use Thin File Putter?
Yes. However you will need to ask your system administrator to set the script included in the download as the PUT method handler for your website. You can also use Thin Slice Upload instead of the Putter, since it's also capable of uploading very large files.
What is the difference between Thin Slice Upload and Thin File Putter?

First the similarities: they are both file uploaders designed to transfer very large amounts of data. They both support resuming interrupted uploads.

The crucial difference is that you do not need to make any changes to your server configuration to use Thin Slice Upload but with the putter, the configuration will need to be changed. The other difference is that Thin Slice Upload uses the HTTP POST method while Thin File Putter makes use of the HTTP PUT method. These are two different methods covered by different subsections of the HTTP protocol.

Is Thin File Putter effected by the upload_max_filesize of PHP?
No. It has no effect on Thin File Putter.

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