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Sliced File Upload

Do you want to upload hundreds of Giga bytes? Or is your website hosted on a shared server? And has the administrator imposed a limit on the maximum allowable upload size? Then Thin Slice Upload is for you.

Thin Slice will break each file down into smaller slices (you decide the chunk size). Each slice is uploaded separately. After all the slices have been uploaded they are reassembled at the server to recreate the original file.

Since the chunk size is configurable you can easily choose a value that is well within the limits imposed by your webserver configuration. For example default installations of the PHP scripting language, one of the most popular choices for handling file uploads is limited to only 2MB. By choosing a chunk size that is less than 2Mb you can easily upload files that are hundreds of megabytes or even gigabytes in size.

What if the user's connection gets interrupted while the transfer is in progres? have no fear, Thin Slice will most often be able to resume the file upload from where it was left off. This resumption of file uploads is particularly usefull if your site's visitors are on dialup connections. Even on high speed connection the ability to resume an interrupted upload becomes very usefull when transfering very large files.

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