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Frequently Asked Questions

Short Cuts

What is Thin Slice Upload?
It is a file uploader specially made for uploading very large file. When we say very large we mean hundreds of Giga Bytes. If an upload is interrupted it can be resumed. The applet is specially optimized so that it does not eat up memory and processor at the server while the upload is in progress.
Can it be used to upload multiple files?
Yes. Like all our other products you can drag and drop entire folder tree onto the applet for recursive upload. You can make use of the enhanced file selector dialog as well.
Does Thin Slice Upload actually cut the file into smaller pieces?
It does not. It just reads a block data from the file, uploads that data and repeats the process for different blocks of data until all the files contents are uploaded. Thus each file is uploaded in the form of several HTTP posts instead of a single post.
I am on a shared server can I still use Thin Slice Upload?
Yes. You will find it really advantageous if your system administrator has imposed a limit on file uploads that is too small for your needs. In such a case you can reduce the size of each block of data and still upload very large files.
Can I use it for uploading small files as well?
Yes but it's not recommended. Other products such a Thin Upload or Thin Image Upload will be better suited (and cost less).
Does the post_max_size of PHP have any effect on Thin Slice Upload.
Yes but it can be quite easily overcome by configuring the applet to use slices smaller than the post_max_size
What is the difference between Thin Slice Upload and Thin File Putter?

First the similarities: they are both file uploaders designed to transfer very large amounts of data. They both support resuming interrupted uploads.

The crucial difference is that you do not need to make any changes to your server configuration to use Thin Slice Upload but with the putter, the configuration will need to be changed. The other difference is that Thin Slice Upload uses the HTTP POST method while Thin File Putter makes use of the HTTP PUT method. These are two different methods covered by different subsections of the HTTP protocol.

Is Thin Slice Upload effected by the upload_max_filesize of PHP?
No. It has no effect on Thin Slice Upload.

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