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A Word On Server Imposed File Upload Limits

The largest file size that can be contained in a 32 bit signed integer is 2GB. That is the theoretical upper limit for file uploads with most web servers. As we shall soon see there a several factors that prevent web developers from achieving this goal. Our aim is not to help you reach this 2GB limit but to exceed it.

'Standard' installations of some web scripting languages impose arbitary limits on the maximum size of an upload that it will accept. For example in default installations of the PHP engine, this limit is a mere 2MB (2 Mega Bytes). To make matters worse some installations of apache make use of the LimitRequestBody directive to impose a limit on the maximum size of a POST body. This in turn directly effects the ability to upload files.

Fortunately any restrictions imposed by the php.ini file can be easily overcome. The same goes for the webserver configuration. But there is a catch; you need access to the configuraton files. Unfortunately most web sites are hosted on shared servers and as a result web developers are not allowed to change these settings

The obvious solution to all these problems would be to break the file into smaller pieces and upload them separately. When all the slices have been uploaded they can be reassembled at the server. Once again there's catch; browsers on their own will not behave this way. That's where Thin Upload comes in.

Thin File Upload can upload even hundreds of Gigabytes one chunk at a time, bypassing all the webserver and scripting language limitations. The theoretical upper limit for Thin Slice Upload is 8,589,934,592 Gigabytes. Thats a few million DVDs.

It should be noted that each operating system has it's own limit on the largest file that it can process. This may be 2Gb on sometimes or it may be 4Gb or 8Gb on others. Though this limitation may apply to a single very large file, it does not apply to a collection of large files.


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